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Experience the Yellow Cab of Sacramento difference

Local, personal drivers and safe cabs

At Yellow Cab of Sacramento we take our job as ambassadors to the city very seriously. Our drivers not only work here, they live here, so they know their way around. If you’re not sure where you want to go, just ask. Learn more

Plus, once you find a driver you like, you can call him or her directly. That way you get the same great driver who knows you and what you want and the same comfortable car.

We have a variety of vehicles available to fit your needs. The average age of a Yellow Cab is just three years and all are kept clean and well maintained. They are also inspected and serviced by us, and the City of Sacramento. Learn more

That’s why local hotels like the Hyatt Regency, Holiday Inn and Doubletree by Hilton partner exclusively with us — they know we’ll treat their customers right.

Revolutionizing the on-demand taxi service

With more than 100 years of experience, we know the innovation is the key to success. Back in the 1940s, we were the first Sacramento taxi service to use two-way radios. As times changed, we again stayed ahead of the curve by implementing an automated dispatch system, and more recently, the first to provide a mobile app for hailing a ride and online reservations and on-demand trips. All of these innovations had the same purpose: to quickly and efficiently provide on-demand cab service to our customers.

Unlike other apps, the YCS app allows riders to choose how they want to pay. You can pay your driver with cash, use YCS’s in-cab credit card reader, or pay in-app when you book your ride with YCS. Best of all there’s never any surge pricing and you can get a fare estimate from the app, website or by calling our friendly dispatchers.

We love to hear from you

Yellow Cab of Sacramento is always available by phone, text or email. You can call or text our dispatch service at 916-444-2222 any time, day or night. To find an item left in a cab, lodge a complaint, give us a suggestion, ask a question or give us a compliment, call our business office at 916-442-4696. Or, fill out a contact form and we’ll get back to you. We’re always happy to hear from our riders!

We keep businesses moving

Corporations like Greyhound, Sutter, Mercy, several airlines and UPS partner with Yellow Cab to get their employees and clients where they need to go safely and professionally. In addition, we are the exclusive transportation partner of Sacramento Paratransit and Alta Regional Center helping disabled individuals live more productive lives. Learn more

Sacramento’s original taxi company

Yellow Cab of Sacramento is the oldest, largest and one of the most respected taxi services in the area. We’ve been serving the Sacramento Region since 1917, and have earned the reputation for helpful, friendly and professional drivers that know the area and safe, comfortable and clean cabs. That’s why so many other local companies claim to be Yellow Cabs, but there’s no substitution for the real thing.

The Yellow Cab of Sacramento story

yellow cab


A young kid who left his family’s Elk Grove farm at age 15, a year after his father died, Fred Pleines Sr. roamed the streets of Sacramento during the Great Depression looking for any odd job he could find. As a teen he became enamored with the local cabbies and vowed to become a driver one day. That day arrived when he applied on his 21st birthday.

A short time later, Pleines sat proudly behind the wheel of a Teddy’s Taxi, which also owned Yellow Cab Company of Sacramento in the late 1930s. Who knew that Pleines’ youthful adventures as a taxi driver would be the start of a family legacy that spanned parts of nine decades?

After a distinguished World War II career in the Air Force, Fred Sr. returned to the Sacramento and began driving a cab again. By the late 1940s, he and several partners purchased a cab company that evolved into Yellow Cab Company of Sacramento, where Pleines became the sole owner. Three decades later, he turned the successful business over to his sons, Fred Jr. and Ken, and two daughters, who operated the company for 32 years.

“Driving a cab was appealing to my father, especially during the depression,” Ken Pleines said. “Working for my father, we all learned a lot about the business. He was a tough but fair boss.”

Fred Pleines Jr. has numerous fond memories regarding the family business his father established. However, his oldest memory brought tears.

“I was probably 2 or 3 and my dad drove away from our house in his cab and forgot to kiss me goodbye, and I cried,” said Fred Jr., who lives in Carmichael.

At age 12, Fred Jr. and Ken, then 9, began doing odd jobs around the shop on weekends and in the hot summers. They were paid 80 cents an hour, which was often spent at famed Jim Denny’s, a short walk from the company’s old brick building on 11th and I Street.

Another fond memory was the company’s beloved dog – a black mutt named Union (the company’s previous name was Union Taxi). The dog was a favorite among the drivers and also the neighbors, especially nearby Rose’s Bar and Grill.

Fred Jr. enjoys taking a leisurely walk down memory lane and likes Yellow Cab’s future as well, after selling the business in August 2014.

“We weren’t going to sell it to just anyone. The new owners are experienced in the cab business and are making the changes to ensure the company has a bright future,” said Fred Jr. “We are very optimistic that our Yellow Cab legacy will continue.”

And that legacy is something the current owners don’t take lightly.

“We are extremely proud to be associated with Yellow Cab Company of Sacramento’s long history of success,” said Craig Smedman, Executive Vice President. “The Pleines family did an exemplary job for many years, and we want to emulate that success.”

One of the most noticeable changes over the past year has been an upgraded fleet of taxis. The company’s 120+ experienced drivers pick up fares in distinctive yellow vehicles, ranging from Priuses and Camrys, to Scions and Caravans and even ADA accessible vans.

The cabs are new and so is the technology. Yellow Cab of Sacramento’s using their