“Taxi Dave” Rivera

Looking for a fun way to get around town? Call Taxi Dave at 916-862-0445

I moved to Sacramento when I was a kid and I love it here! I drive the streets of Downtown and Midtown most nights between 8 p.m. and 4 a.m. Aside from being a taxi driver, I have a lot of business, sales, marketing and computer skills, including an Associates Degree in Computer Network Security and one in Ministorial Arts.

In my business, I focus on building relationships with my clients. I’ve earned a reputation for providing a friendly, professional ride with world-class entertainment. My cab is known as “The Party Cab” and I pride myself on giving clean and safe rides to people exploring Downtown and Midtown Sacramento’s night life.

In addition to playing music of multiple genres from my personal collection, I also play and perform many of my songs of my personal creation (some include others collaborating with me). Most of the songs I perform are my parodies, but the song “I’m Going All the Way!” is an original song that is available on iTunes for download purchase (or some free services like Spotify and many others). My opening words to this song put clarity to my passion —

I’m a celebrity cabbie,

Rapping to the beats in my Black n Yellow taxi

I’m a new-media mogul

Going to n fro in downtown Sacto

Settin new marketing trends wherever I go

So Don’t Drink and Drive

Call a cabbie! to stay alive

And keep your ride!

Yea! That’s my motto

And you will be seeing me all over the world from the US to Tokyo!”

So if you’re out having fun in Downtown or Midtown Sac, you don’t have to worry about having fun. Just call Taxi Dave and I’ll get you around safe and sound.


Benny Dinnel

Benny can be your own, personal driver. Call him at 530-200-2681

Driving a taxi is the best job in the world!

I have a Masters Degree in education and I taught history in local schools for 10 years. I lived in Oceanside for a while and drove cabs for Yellow Cab down there. Then I moved to a meditation retreat in Nevada City for a year and ran the kitchen there. But I realized that I really love driving a cab – it’s my calling. I don’t do it for the money; as long as I have enough for food and rent, I’m happy.

Driving a cab I run into humanity every day and it lets me help people, which makes my day. I believe that if you treat others right, it will come back to you.One day I picked up a lady and took her all the way to Placerville even though all she had was a few dollars. The next day I was rewarded with a very high-paying fare.

Another thing I love about driving a taxi is I get to meet people from all over the world. It’s really fun to see our city through someone’s eyes who has never been here before, and tourists are always happy and excited to be here. Once I picked up a man in Elk Grove who was from China. He was staying with his cousin who helped him get the cab because the man didn’t speak any English. He wanted to go to Daly City near San Francisco to visit his friend. Since he didn’t speak English we couldn’t talk, so all the way there he played Chinese music for me. It was a long drive but very fun and interesting.


Kaleem Ashraf

Looking for a safe ride? Let Kaleem to be your driver. Call him at 916-807-2972

I’m originally from Pakistan and my whole family lives in the United States now. We are very happy in the US. This is my country and I love it. My children go to school here and my son is getting a good education. I am a very happy man.

I started driving a cab because 2 or 3 of my friends drove for Yellow Cab of Sacramento and they really liked it. Even though it was during the Recession, everyone was doing well and making money.

I take people all over. Not just Sacramento, but to Reno, San Francisco, and other places. Many of the roads I drive on are dangerous and often have no cell service, but I enjoy the challenge.


“Cabby Mike” Bashir

Want Cabbie Mike to be your driver? Call him at: 916-397-6384

Driving a cab is a good profession for being self employed, especially for someone like me who likes to serve people. After graduating in the 90s, I worked multiple managerial positions and saved up enough money to open my own business. But when the Recession hit, a lot of people were laid off. I lost my business and had to find a new line of work. Luckily for me I found my place at Yellow Cab. Driving a cab allows me to be my own boss, manage my hours, feed my family and meet my goals.

Being a taxi driver is also a good learning experience. I go to a lot of places other drivers won’t go and I try to help the people there. I also get a lot of “cab confessions.” People get out of bars and tell me their life stories. I’ve heard a lot of interesting stories over the years, and I’m ready to hear yours too!


Robert Goodman

Looking for an experienced driver? Call Robert directly at 916-382-6752

I’m a native of Sacramento; it’s my home. I first started driving a taxi because I needed work and it seemed like a good job. I really like driving a cab, and have stuck with it for a long time. I like that I can pick my own hours. When I first started driving I mostly drove at night, but now I prefer to drive during the day. It also allows me to do things I enjoy like sketching when I’m waiting for a fare.

I’ve made a lot of friends and loyal customers driving a cab over the years. Sometimes I help them, and sometimes they help me. It’s really a great job.