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“Cabby Mike” Bashir

“Cabby Mike” Bashir

Want Cabbie Mike to be your driver? Call him at: 916-397-6384

Driving a cab is a good profession for being self employed, especially for someone like me who likes to serve people. After graduating in the 90s, I worked multiple managerial positions and saved up enough money to open my own business. But when the Recession hit, a lot of people were laid off. I lost my business and had to find a new line of work. Luckily for me I found my place at Yellow Cab. Driving a cab allows me to be my own boss, manage my hours, feed my family and meet my goals.

Being a taxi driver is also a good learning experience. I go to a lot of places other drivers won’t go and I try to help the people there. I also get a lot of “cab confessions.” People get out of bars and tell me their life stories. I’ve heard a lot of interesting stories over the years, and I’m ready to hear yours too!