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“Taxi Dave” Rivera

“Taxi Dave” Rivera

Looking for a fun way to get around town? Call Taxi Dave at 916-862-0445

I moved to Sacramento when I was a kid and I love it here! I drive the streets of Downtown and Midtown most nights between 8 p.m. and 4 a.m. Aside from being a taxi driver, I have a lot of business, sales, marketing and computer skills, including an Associates Degree in Computer Network Security and one in Ministorial Arts.

In my business, I focus on building relationships with my clients. I’ve earned a reputation for providing a friendly, professional ride with world-class entertainment. My cab is known as “The Party Cab” and I pride myself on giving clean and safe rides to people exploring Downtown and Midtown Sacramento’s night life.

In addition to playing music of multiple genres from my personal collection, I also play and perform many of my songs of my personal creation (some include others collaborating with me). Most of the songs I perform are my parodies, but the song “I’m Going All the Way!” is an original song that is available on iTunes for download purchase (or some free services like Spotify and many others). My opening words to this song put clarity to my passion —

I’m a celebrity cabbie,

Rapping to the beats in my Black n Yellow taxi

I’m a new-media mogul

Going to n fro in downtown Sacto

Settin new marketing trends wherever I go

So Don’t Drink and Drive

Call a cabbie! to stay alive

And keep your ride!

Yea! That’s my motto

And you will be seeing me all over the world from the US to Tokyo!”

So if you’re out having fun in Downtown or Midtown Sac, you don’t have to worry about having fun. Just call Taxi Dave and I’ll get you around safe and sound.