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The all-new YCS app is almost here!

The all-new YCS app is almost here!

Yellow Cab of Sacramento is excited to announce that, next month, the all-new YCS app will be here!

The new YCS app allows customers to get on-demand taxi service with the click of a button, or book your trips ahead of time. It allows customers to keep favorite locations, eliminating wasted time re-entering an address used frequently. Customers can feel at ease by seeing their vehicle make it’s way to the pickup and it also provides an estimated wait time and fare at the time of booking. Most notably, there will not be any “surge pricing”, as many customers of competitive services have come to know it. Yellow Cab of Sacramento prides themselves on providing fair and honest pricing and that will not change with the addition of the mobile app.

We look forward to sharing this new technology with you!


– The YCS team

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