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Easy, convenient way to pay for a taxi

Yellow Cab of Sacramento’s TaxiCards™ are a convenient and flexible way to pay for a taxi ride. The card works just like any gift card and are available in any amount.

TaxiCards™are perfect for

  • Travelers
  • Students attending school away from home
  • Adults enjoying a night on the town
  • An elderly parent who can no longer (or shouldn’t) drive
  • A person who is temporarily or permanently disabled
  • Someone temporarily without a car
  • A unique gift for the person who has everything

How it works

  • TaxiCard™ holders present their card to the taxi driver at the start of the ride.
  • The taxi driver can swipe the card for a balance inquiry if desired. Both the passenger and the driver can see the funds available for the ride.
  • When you reach your destination, the driver swipes the card again to deduct the fare from your TaxiCard™ account.

Don’t forget

It is always your responsibility to pay your cab fare in full even if there are not enough funds in your TaxiCard™ account to cover the trip. You must be prepared to pay the difference if your TaxiCard™ does not have sufficient funds available for the full amount of the fare.