No Bad Drivers at Yellow Cab Co. Of Sacramento

Yellow-Cab-Sacramento-Good-DriversWe at Yellow Cab Company of Sacramento are quite proud of the people who drive for us—we think they are among the best taxi drivers in the Sacramento region. What most people don’t realize is that our drivers are independent contractors and not Yellow Cab employees. That’s right—we are not in the taxicab business; our drivers are in the taxicab business.

We currently have 104 drivers, including 21 who are owner-operators. Most of our drivers lease their cabs from our fleet. We inspect, insure and maintain each vehicle, making sure it complies with state and city regulations.

The owner-operators own and maintain their own vehicles but have them finished in our official Yellow Cab colors and company branding. We inspect and insure the operator-owned vehicles just as we do our leased vehicles.

All of our drivers must meet certain criteria in order to drive for Yellow Cab:

• Drivers must be at least 25 years of age.
• Drivers must have driven for three years in the United States.
• Drivers must have a good driving record.
• Drivers must pass a criminal background check.
• Drivers must complete an orientation.

All of our drivers, including owner-operators, complete a multi-part orientation that includes two hours of classroom instruction on our computerized trip reservation system, use of our downloadable app, and customer service best practices; completion of the Taxi Limousine & Paratransit Association online course and multiple-choice test, and a one- to two-day drive-along with one of our experienced and trusted drivers.

As a result of this comprehensive orientation process, there are no bad drivers at Yellow Cab Co. of Sacramento. In fact, our driver orientation process may become a model for the City of Sacramento, which is considering a requirement that all taxi drivers permitted by the city complete a comparable orientation. Yellow Cab takes driver safety and excellent customer service seriously. In turn our drivers take pride in the Yellow Cab brand and in the valuable public service they provide in our community.

We are proud of all our Yellow Cab drivers… and we’re always looking for more friendly, courteous drivers with spotless driving records. If you or someone you know fits that description and has an interest in driving for Sacramento’s largest and longest-serving cab company, contact Greig Best at (916) 442-4696, ext. 3023, or We look forward to hearing from you!